He shot, threw Molotov cocktails and tried to crush. Video of the Kfar Qasem attack

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 He shot, threw Molotov cocktails and tried to crush him. Video of the terrorist attack in Kfar -Qasem

A terrorist living in Kfar Qasem tried to run over two policemen and also shot at them. The police officers were slightly injured. The police were evacuated to receive medical care at the Beilinson Hospital. in Petah Tikva.

The incident began in the middle of the night when the terrorist in his car rushed towards the police who were carrying out searches. Despite calls to stop, the terrorist continued to drive in their direction, accelerating, knocking them down and injuring them. Then the terrorist even shot in their direction and threw Molotov cocktails. Additional forces, who were at the scene with the police, opened fire on him and killed him.

Police said that after the searches were completed in the building from which the terrorist came out, a weapon of the type ” Carlo, ammunition, Molotov cocktails and a knife.

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