He died one of the commanders of the artillery regiment “Azov”

Умер один из командиров артиллерией полка "Азов"

In 2015, Igor Prozapas joined the ranks of “Azov”.

2 Jun died, the former fighter regiment “Azov” commander of the artillery Igor Refill (call sign “Quixote”).

Igor Spare — a historian by profession. In 2013-2014, he was an active participant of the revolution of Dignity, and then he volunteered to the front.

“There was a bright representative of the new military elite, represented the present generation of combat officers. “Quixote” served as Deputy commander of “Azov” on the use of artillery. Under the authorship of each of the “Quixote” published several scientific articles, for example, the fire control system is ISTAR in a modern military conflict,” — remember in “Azov” about your sister.

The occupants were covered with mortar fire positions of the AFU in the Luhansk region

Older brother, Igor, Valery Prozapas posted a photo of the hero.

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