“Hawk's Nest”: They want to turn Tulkarem into a new Shechem

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 "Hawk's nest": They want to turn Tulkarem into a new Shechem

“Successes” faction "Erin Alasud" – "Lion's Den" and its growing popularity make it desirable to create similar organizations elsewhere in Samaria, based on the same concept: an association of armed men from different structures, working together under one “roof”, with one logo and one name against Israeli goals.

On Tuesday, another organization announced itself in Tulkarem: “Har HaTskur” (“Hawk's Nest”). in Nablus, the armed structure is led by Fatah Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades activists, and one can even see an allusion in the name (the use of the name “Hawk” was previously associated with Fatah).

The organization is still in Tulkarem in its infancy, and it is obvious that not everything is working there in an orderly manner, but the concept is clear, and the “Tulkarem branch” came out on the evening of October 18 at the “parade”, with shooting in the air, to announce its existence.

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