Have any people dental fillings often fall out

Smoking and drinking alcoholic drinks not only negatively affect the health of the teeth and oral cavity, but also significantly increase the risk of loss of the installed seals. This is found researchers from the University of Pittsburgh.

They analyzed data from 807 persons, who were treated by dentists, and found that within 2 years after dental treatment problems with seals occurred more often in people who consumed alcohol. And the overall risk of such problems was higher in the male smokers.

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In addition, the likelihood of problems has increased especially MMP2 gene. Perhaps MMP2 disrupts the adhesion of the seal with the surface. The researchers say that the study of genes can help the dentists to choose the best treatment strategy patients.

The experts rated the strength of amalgam fillings used in dentistry for over 150 years, but contain mercury and composite fillings. The researchers found that the risk of problems not depended on what material was made the seal.

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