Hasidic sect members arrested for attempted sabotage on Mount Meron

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 Hasidic sect members arrested for attempted sabotage on Mount Meron

A group of Israelis associated with an extremist Hasidic sect were arrested by Israeli police on Tuesday evening. The Hasidim are suspected of attempting to sabotage infrastructure on Mount Meron ahead of this week's Lag B'Omer celebration.

A minibus carrying a group of Hasidim to Mount Meron was stopped for police checks near Kibbutz Kadarim. During the search, the police found four bags with pliers, clerical knives and hammers. The Israeli police suspect the group of attempting to sabotage the million-shekel facility's electrical infrastructure.

“In addition to causing deep mental anguish to the celebrants, any damage to the infrastructure on Mount Meron could pose a real danger to those who wants to visit this place”, — police said in a statement.

Tens of thousands of people are expected to gather on Mount Meron on Wednesday night to celebrate Lag B'Omer, exactly one year after 45 people died there in a tragic human stampede.

After last year's tragedy, by order of the government, significant changes were made to this section in order to prevent similar situations in the future. All illegal buildings were demolished and the existing driveways were widened.

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