Has the threat passed? IDF eases road restrictions near Gaza border

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 Threat over? IDF eases road restrictions near Gaza border

The Israel Defense Forces has slightly eased travel restrictions near the Gaza border amid a possible threat from Palestinians over the arrest of an Islamic Jihad leader. Prime Minister Yair Lapid had earlier announced an urgent military-political cabinet meeting due to the possibility of an attack. The IDF was put on high alert. Highway 232 at the border has been closed, according to an update. The road between Saad and Kerem Shalom has been reopened to traffic. Routes 242 and 2410 are closed as well as Route 4 from Zikim Junction to Erez Junction and Highway 34 between Yad Mordechai Junction and Nir Am Junction. The movement of Kerem Shalom and the entrances to Kibbutz Nahal Oz are also limited.

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