Harvard reveals five secrets to a happy life

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 Five secrets of a happy life named at Harvard

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Harvard University has been doing research for 80 years on what makes people happy.

According to the Daily Mail, it was led by psychiatrist Robert J. Waldinger.
< br />It came as a big surprise to the doctor that good relationships not only make us happy, but also keep our bodies and minds healthier. The results of the study, which listed the five secrets to a happy life, were presented in the book The Good Life, which went on sale last September. It is based on interviews that regularly measure life satisfaction.

Secret 1. Friends make us happy
According to the researchers, social connections are strongly associated with health and longevity. According to research, people with strong social connections are 50% more likely to survive than others. According to scientists, those who do not pay attention to people are isolated and unhappy.

Secret 2. Do not forget who really helps us, and whom we help
Researchers advise writing down who supports you and who you support in different situations. Support can be provided with safety and security, learning, emotional closeness and self-confidence, shared experiences, romance, etc. Scholars advise asking yourself if there are those in life who you would like to support, and if there are those who support you.

Secret 3. Happiness — this is not the destination
According to researchers, happiness — it is a process, and it can be achieved by overcoming difficulties together. It is clarified that a good life can be joyful, but not without difficulties. It must contain not only love, but also pain. A fulfilling life includes turmoil, calmness, ease, hardship, struggle, achievement, failure, and more.

Secret 4. Learn from Experience
To help build relationships, the authors advise wise problem solving according to the scheme: “observe, interpret, choose an answer, participate and reflect.”
opportunities to respond and move forward in the right direction.

Secret 5. Happiness can be found at any time
Many people believe that nothing can change in their lives. Scientists say that among the many participants in the study were those who had an unhappy childhood, or a childhood overshadowed by drunken or violent parents, but they managed to achieve happiness in life. The authors of the study argue that childhood and/or natural inclination is not your destiny. Therefore, everything can be changed and happiness can be found at any time.

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