Harmonious pair: how to combine accent accessories?

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 Harmonious couple: how to combine accent accessories correctly?

Shoes in the color of the bag are classics in their purest form. You can, of course, just put on black shoes and take a black bag, such a pair will look calm, harmonious and thoughtful. But to look stunning, choose accent, bright models that are at the height of fashion this season.
Choose a set that is not just similar in shade, but also combined with decorative elements. Another 100% successful move – combination of prints. This technique will allow you not to sort out the seriousness in the image and will draw attention to you. Such models can be found in the Special Edition collection from Lafayette Italy. They look solemn and elegant, expensive and stylish. They are glamorous, sexy and extremely comfortable.

Special Edition is a collection for true connoisseurs of fashion, quality and unique Italian design, for those who love and know how to stand out and attract attention, for those who prefer unexpected elements and are not limited to classics. Each model has a pronounced play of details: contrasting combinations and harmonious collages, a combination of textures, elegant European-style jewelry and intricate heels. Each model of the line is presented in a very small number of copies.
Undoubtedly, such bright, accent sets require the right selection of clothes:

  1. If the basis of the image is things in neutral base colors, then you need an attention-grabbing element. A bright set of shoes and a bag in the same style perfectly copes with the role of a loudly speaking accent of the outfit. couple: how to combine accent accessories? ” />

  2. A monochrome look looks great with bright multi-colored shoes and bags, it is around them that the whole look is built. Harmonious pair: how to combine accent accessories correctly? A harmonious pair: how to combine accent accessories correctly?

  3. Bright sets will fit perfectly even in a business style. With business suits, straight dresses, tight skirts, they will look luxurious. And by the way, the classic “black bottom-white top” it will play differently with bright accessories.

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  4. Don't be afraid to experiment with everyday looks: skinny jeans, capri pants, T-shirts, bright plain dresses and even shorts can be combined with accent accessories.

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