Hanged from a tree: in the north of Israel, extortionists mocked a man

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 Hung from a tree: extortionists abused a man in northern Israel

Two residents of the Arab city of Maale Iron in northern Israel may soon face charges of kidnapping, extortion and eventually hanging a man from a tree who refused to pay them.

The police said that the suspects hung a man from a tree who refused to pay them. According to the information, the victim is a resident of the city of Baqa al-Gharbiye. He borrowed 80,000 shekels from the suspects, but they demanded 400,000 shekels in return.

the victim was persecuted by extortionists. The attackers threatened the man in every possible way, there were cases when a grenade was thrown into the victim's house and a business belonging to his family was set on fire.

In the end, the criminals kidnapped the man and took him to the forest, where they hung him from a tree. br />
After a months-long undercover investigation by police unit Lahav 433, the suspects were arrested two and a half weeks ago. Since then, their detention has been extended several times.

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