Handsome-Girkin laugh network: “In a coffin will look like a pickle”

Красавчик-Гиркин рассмешил сеть: «В гробу будет выглядеть, как огурчик»

Russian terrorist Girkin dressed up in costume, caused laughter

Igor Girkin, aka Strelkov, a saboteur, a terrorist and former officer of the Russian army laugh of network users.

The photo of the fighter the social network Twitter posted a blogger with the nickname Necro Mancer. “Hunk #Girkin” – he signed photo. The photo shows the actual Girkin, but not in the usual military uniform and in a suit in a white shirt with a tie. The terrorist, apparently, sitting in some restaurant.

Красавчик-Гиркин рассмешил сеть: «В гробу будет выглядеть, как огурчик»

Users womens action caused laughter and jokes.

“In a coffin will look like a cucumber,” taunted commentators.

Some of the souls pinned the terrorist: “the Freak with the eyes on the nose…”, “Schmuck”.

One user noted that Girkin it: “Live it, perhaps, until the documents to the Hague are not served. Then your and sew, as unwanted witnesses.”

As previously reported, Girkin “muddies the water” already at Home. The terrorist has urged Russians to maintain territorial integrity, and in 2014 he commanded the capture of the Ukrainian lands.

Красавчик-Гиркин рассмешил сеть: «В гробу будет выглядеть, как огурчик»

The former leader of the militants “DNR”, Girkin urged Russians to stage mass protests against the intentions of Russian President Vladimir Putin to transfer Japan three Islands of the Kuril ridge. This statement Strelkov announced in his video blog.

“As promised, we proceed to organize protests. Whether they truly mass — depends not only on us but also on all who come our appeal”, — is spoken in the message of the action.

“If the rally is not sanctioned by it, this will raise a protest action in the framework of the national gathering. With the participation of all the organizers. For this event we invite everyone — regardless of party affiliation and benefits, as a matter of honor all patriots — the protection of territorial integrity of the Russian Land and sovereignty of the last sliver of Russia — the Russian Federation”, — the fighter declared that in 2014, commanded the seizure of the Ukrainian territory.

He also added that in the coming days, the campaign will be launched to ensure information support of the campaign. “Everyone who is able to help in this matter — join”, — said Girkin.

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Note that Girkin soon clearly agree. So earlier he said that Russia under Putin expects the collapse and disintegration of the state. This will be preceded by the humiliating defeat in the Donbass, in Syria and Crimea.

Recall that Putin has lost Ukraine: Volker told what it means to Tomos.

As reported Politeka, Girkin said about the decay of Russia: shameful defeat in the Donbass, in Syria and Crimea.

Politeka also wrote that the terrorist Girkin made an unusual proposal in the Parliament.

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