Hamas wants hundreds of terrorists in exchange for Israeli

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 Hamas demands hundreds of terrorists in exchange for an Israeli

Against the background of the change of chiefs of the General Staff and the videos of Avra ​​Mengistu published by Hamas, Israeli TV channel 12 published new details about the negotiations on the exchange of prisoners between Israel and Hamas.

A senior political source familiar with the details of the process said: “The deal that was on the agenda is close to positions that the Israeli public would be able to accept, far more than Hamas' initial demands.”

We are talking about the initial period of the term of Yair Lapid, who took a more flexible position than Bennett – and Hamas also recognized the need to compromise. The main part of the deal that was formulated at that time was the exchange of prisoners on a humanitarian basis. Hamas understood that the “heavy” the terrorists will not be released. “Heavy“ prisoners will only be released under humanitarian circumstances: the elderly, women and the sick. Now Hamas is signaling that it wants to continue the negotiations from the point where they were stopped.

In addition, an interview was shown tonight with brother Avra ​​Mengistu, who spoke about the difficult moments his family is going through after the publication of the document: “The family is in an emotional storm of tears and worries. Now many data show that it is he, but the heart does not believe. This is 8 years of uncertainty. We hope that little by little we will be convinced that it is him. Gradually, the picture becomes clearer – facial features, body movements that confirm that it is him. The documents proved that Hamas is responsible for his fate – the government must return the citizen to his home and family.

Shortly after the publication of the Mengistu video, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu commented on the document – and stated: ” The State of Israel is investing all its resources and efforts to return its captive and missing sons home to the State of Israel.

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