Hamas used MANPADS against IDF helicopters

Hamas used MANPADS against IDF helicopters

Last night, the IDF attacked Hamas targets in Gaza in response to a missile launch in the direction of Tel Aviv on the morning of January 1.

in the Khan Yunis area and north of Gaza City.

The IDF press service announced that IDF planes, helicopters and tanks attacked targets in Gaza.

SAM-7 anti-aircraft systems against IDF helicopters.

IDF confirmed that two missiles were fired at the helicopters.

Israeli media reported that the IDF and this time preferred a restrained reaction , similar to others after the operation & ldquo; Guardian of the Walls & rdquo;. The strikes were aimed at empty Hamas positions, and their purpose was to “ send a signal to terrorists that Israel does not want to be dragged into an escalation and considers the incident settled. ''

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