Hamas: The price will be higher than Netanyahu can imagine

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 Hamas: the price will be higher than Netanyahu can imagine

The Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar, affiliated with Hezbollah, reported this morning (Wednesday) that Egypt continues to make efforts to reduce the level of incitement by terrorist organizations in Gaza. The goal is to avoid a direct confrontation with Israel.

However, according to the report, Hamas stated that “it is impossible to keep the peace while the fascist bullying policy continues,” while warning that “a confrontation with Israel is close more than ever, the price will be higher than Netanyahu can imagine.”

Despite the return of a Hamas delegation from Cairo last week after talks with officials in Egypt, contacts between the parties continue. According to the organization's sources, the movement renewed its warning to the Egyptian mediators that “it will not stand idly by if the enemy crosses the red lines, the situation in Gaza will not be peaceful as long as Israel continues its crimes in the West Bank and Jerusalem.”

In addition, sources within the terrorist organization announced that “continued Israeli actions, such as the Judaization of Jerusalem and the demolition of houses, could lead to a new military conflict,” and sent a warning to Itamar Ben-Gvir, warning him from continuing the “persecution of prisoners and the introduction of the death penalty.”

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