Hamas 'stops border riots'

News » Arab-Israeli conflict Hamas 'stopped border riots'

In the past few days, Hamas has detained several people who wanted to fire incendiary projectiles at improvised explosive devices and resume clashes along the border with Israel.

The first signs of attempts to restart unrest along the Gaza border, similar to the “return marches” that took place in 2018, have appeared in the past two weeks. After military operations in Nablus, in which 11 Palestinians were killed a week ago, young Gaza residents set fire to tires along the security fence and staged other riots.

Hamas allowed the young people to blow off steam, but Hamas officials understood that such incidents could get out of control and that any use of incendiary shells and explosive devices could put the Gaza Strip on a path that would culminate in hostilities with Israel.
< br /> Therefore, Hamas officials warned the Palestinians who were taking part in the riots on the border and demanded that they stop them for a while, according to the Israel Hayom newspaper. Sources said that Hamas is not opposed to popular resistance, but does not want it to be random and disorganized.

A Palestinian source said that if the situation in Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem deteriorates ahead of Ramadan, Hamas will will no longer interfere with people who want to provoke and riot in the border area.

“Hamas now prefers silence along the border. He hopes that nothing serious will happen in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem, which will force him to intervene in the situation in Gaza. But if Palestinians die or there are problems at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, violence may resume.

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