Hamas prepares for multiple rounds of military clashes in 2023

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 Hamas prepares for several rounds of military clashes in 2023

According to the Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar, affiliated with Hezbollah, Palestinian organizations in Gaza have recently held a series of and the racist government of Israel” and how to deal with it.

A Palestinian source cited by the newspaper said that assessments were presented at these meetings that “the Netanyahu government will lead to an explosion that means an almost inevitable confrontation in several arenas, including Gaza.”

It has also been reported that based on these assessments, terrorist organizations have decided to prepare for one or more rounds of conflict during this year, as they are in agreement on the need to “prevent Israel from disrupting the existing situation in Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque or taking dramatic action against prisoners, the situation of the Palestinians, or the annexation of Judea and Samaria. will encourage Israel to continue trying to establish order on the ground.

A Hamas official told the newspaper that “Hamas recently warned the mediators against Israel crossing red lines and committing new crimes against the Palestinian people because, according to he said it would explode the situation and worsen the situation in the entire region.”

Referring to Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi's threats in an interview before his resignation over the weekend, the source said: “They reflect Israel's fear of a new military conflict and its understanding that the fighting organizations are moving forward and building up their strength and military potential.

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