Hamas on Jenin raid: New crime they will pay for

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 Hamas on Jenin raid: New crime they will pay for

Hamas issued a statement shortly after the Jenin raid.

“The killing of resistance heroes in Jenin will not go unanswered, and our people and his resistance is capable of harming the occupiers and making them pay the price for their crime, – Hamas spokesman Abdel Latif al-Kanu said. “Resistance in [Judea and Samaria] will continue and intensify, and no one will be able to stop its expansion or prevent it from responding to the crimes of the enemy.”

Al-Kanu sharply criticized the Palestinian Authority for the raid, alluding to that she cooperated with Israel before the troops entered Jenin.
“While the PA leadership decides to attend the Sharm el-Sheikh security summit in order to circumvent and suppress our people's revolution, Occupation Coming to Kill Three Resistance Heroes in Jenin, – he said. “This is a new crime they will pay for”

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