Hamas 'losing patience' after IDF operation in Nablus

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 Hamas “loses patience” after IDF operation in Shechem

Hamas military spokesman Abu Obeida warns Gaza factions are “losing patience” after nine Palestinians were killed and about 100 injured in an IDF raid in Nablus on Wednesday.

Among those killed were leaders of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad branch and other local terrorist groups. The suspects are reported to be members of the terrorist cell that killed IDF Sergeant Ido Baruch in October near the Shavei Shomron settlement in Samaria.

Mosques in the city are broadcasting messages urging city residents to clash with Israeli forces. The local branch of the “Al-Quds Brigades” The Palestinian Islamic Jihad said it was taking part in the clashes.

Hamas spokesman Hazem Qassem condemned the raid, saying “the occupation is intensifying its aggression against our people, storming the city of Nablus today and besieging the citizens”.

“The right-wing, fascist, Zionist government is concerned about the escalation of the situation on the ground as it has a criminal terrorist program”,– Kassem said.

“The resistance in Gaza is watching the escalation of the enemy's crimes against our people”,– warned a spokesman for the Hamas brigades “Al-Qassam” Abu Obeida.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas also condemned the raid.

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