Hamas: Israel resigned and lost its power of deterrence

 Hamas: Israel resigned and lost deterrence

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Mahmoud Mardawi, spokesman for the Hamas militant wing, the al-Qasam Brigades, issued a statement in connection with the escalation on the border with Gaza and in Jerusalem.
< br /> Mardawi reported that “the staunch resistance of the Palestinians in occupied Jerusalem” caused “the Zionist occupation to lose its power of deterrence.”

Mardawi says that “the enemy depends on the balance of fear, and that balance is now broken.”

More the terrorist stated that “the enemy digests change and tries to live with it using a complex strategy of soft and hard pressure”.

Mardawi, however, warned that despite the fact that “the enemy is confused” ; he may “in desperation resort to his weapon of choice, the tactic of targeted assassinations” urged the Palestinians to be vigilant”.

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