Hamas conspiracy in Jerusalem: Ben Gvir assassination, tram bombing, kidnapping of soldiers

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 Hamas conspiracy in Jerusalem: Assassination of Ben Gvir, tram bombing, kidnapping of soldiers

The Israel General Security Service (SHABAK) published information about the discovery of the Hamas plot in East Jerusalem on April 22.< br />
The Hamas cell was preparing a series of terrorist attacks, including the assassination of Knesset member Itamar Ben-Gvir, attacks against public transport in Jerusalem, including against the light rail. suicide attacks and the kidnapping of IDF soldiers.

The terrorist cell was led by Hamas operative Rashid Rashek, a resident of the Old City, and Mansoor Tzafdi, a Hamas operative from Abu Tur.

Both planned carry out suicide attacks in Jerusalem.

The members of the group planned to hide in the area of ​​Hebron and Jenin after the planned attacks.

Rashid Rashek trained several activists whose task was to organize mass riots and riots on the Temple Mount on the last day of Ramadan, in order to destabilize the situation in Jerusalem.

The Shin Bet confiscated the money and the cell's quadcopter. The quadcopter was to be used to film the attack against the light rail and the kidnapping of the soldiers.

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