Hamas and Islamic Jihad reject Ramallah's de-escalation efforts

News » Arab-Israeli conflict Hamas and Islamic Jihad rejected Ramallah's de-escalation efforts

Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad” rejected the request of the leadership of the Palestinian Authority to de-escalate.

This is reported by The Jerusalem Post, citing sources.

It is specified that terrorist groups on March 11 boycotted a meeting between representatives of various Palestinian factions in Jenin . It was initiated by senior PA officials and Fatah in particular, as part of an effort to develop a “Joint National Agenda”; to confront Israel.

The meeting was initiated amid concern in Ramallah about the emergence of a number of new armed groups in Jenin and Nablus. It is specified that the leadership of the PA after the summit on security issues in Aqaba increased pressure on Hamas and Islamic Jihad, so that the terrorists refrain from providing Israel with an excuse to continue their counter-terrorism operations in Judea and Samaria.

Security Forces The PA has detained dozens of members of terrorist groups. Hamas officials said they boycotted the meeting after PA security personnel fired tear gas at mourners during the funeral of a terrorist who killed two Israeli brothers in Hawara.

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