Hamadia Doors brand: Top color doors with 20% discount

Hamadia Doors Brand: Top Color Doors 20% off

The Hamadia Doors brand is launching a particularly attractive year-end sale offering 20% ​​off. It will be provided on the Ultra Quit door. and 'Ultra Quit Pro'. These models are manufactured using an exclusive patented noise isolation technology.

Hamadia Doors brand: Doors top colors with a 20% discount

Examples of sale prices:

Model Four seasons & mdash; price without discount 3 203 ₪, price with discount 2563 ₪.

Model Triple width & mdash; price before discount 3647 ₪, price without discount 2918 ₪.

Model Alget, Ultra Quit Pro & mdash; the price before the discount is 4 434 ₪, the price after the discount is 3547 ₪.

Prices include VAT, metering, assembly and installation.
The promotion will run from 12/01/2021 to 12/30/2021.

Available at Hamadia Group showrooms nationwide.

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