Half of the money in the state budget borrowed – Ministry of Finance

Половина денег в госбюджете взята в долг, - Минфин

In four months the state budget revenues amounted to 322 billion — half of them borrowed.

For four months of 2019, the national currency was strengthened due to the investment of nonresidents in the hryvnia bonds. Every second of the hryvnia in the state budget borrowed. This is stated in the macroeconomic review of the Ministry of Finance in may, reports the online edition of the Chronicle.info with reference to the Correspondent.

It is noted that budget revenues in January-April this year amounted to 322,6 billion, an increase of 18.2% from last year. Revenues of the General Fund budget for the period was 282,3 billion. The budget deficit for the reporting period amounted to 1.7 billion hryvnia

The Finance Ministry said that borrowing to Finance the General Fund budget amounted to 158.5 billion (in domestic market – 132.2 billion hryvnia in the foreign – 26.4 billion hryvnia).

The principal repayments of the state budget amounted to 126,9 billion.

The dollar and the Euro rose in exchange

That is, the budget revenues in the first four months amounted to 322,6 billion and the income from t — bills of 158.5 billion. The share of government bonds (Treasury bonds) in budget revenues is 49,13%. While the remainder of the budget — 50,87% of the taxes, fees and other payments.

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