Haifa University Receives Convicted Terrorist

The University of Haifa has accepted a convicted supporter of terror

Darin Tatur, a poet who was convicted of inciting against Israel and supporting terrorist organizations, spoke at the University of Haifa. This is reported by The Jerusalem Post.

Tatur spoke at the Faculty of English Literature this Sunday. During the lecture, she read excerpts from her poems, most of which have themes of rebellion against Israel and incitement to violence.

Darin Tatur was born in the Arab village of Reine, near Nazareth. One of her poems called “ Arise, my people, and go with the martyrs '' was used in a production at the Jaffa Theater, which resulted in the theater being blocked from funding. Tatur was jailed for 6 months for supporting terrorism. After her release, she left Israel.

It is noteworthy that in the biography written in the invitation to the lecture, the poetess was presented as a native of “ Palestine '', although the village of Reine is located in Israel. In addition, the curriculum vitae mentions the “ Israeli court of occupation. ''

The speech of a convicted supporter of terror outraged a number of Israeli organizations.

“Any organization that supports terrorists in the name of appreciation for their literary work is sinning against the truth. We urge the university to figure out how they can admit such radical people. at the official event, '' the right-wing organization Ad Kan said in a statement.

Im Tirzu also reacted: “ We expect the university leadership to publish a formal condemnation of the incident and take a strong stance against future invitations of terrorist supporters to participate in official events. ” The representative of the institution stated: “The content [of the lecture] completely contradicts the position of the leadership of the University of Haifa. However, this is the essence of freedom of speech, which is tested mainly on topics that are difficult for us to accept.”

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