Haifa residents ready to pay more taxes to get rid of wild boars

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 Haifa residents are ready to pay more taxes to get rid of wild boars < /p>

A study by the University of Haifa found that about half of Haifa's residents would be willing to pay more taxes if this funding went to combat the wild boar outbreaks that periodically plague the city.

This is reported by the Jerusalem Post.

The university study presented three potential initiatives to eradicate wild boars from the streets of Haifa.

The first was a complete plan to eradicate wild boars. wild boar in public areas, which included 9 prevention and response actions, including limiting food sources, fixing garbage cans, building fences.

A partial wild boar eradication plan was also proposed, which includes 3 response actions: a major muni repair a central cleanup system, a 24-hour emergency line and a volunteer patrol.

The third plan was non-interventionist and did not include tax increases.

46% of respondents chose full or partial initiative to solve the problem. The study concluded that the average Haifa resident was willing to pay an additional NIS 19 in property taxes per month.

At the same time, female respondents are more religious, more politically wages were more willing to pay more taxes, as the wild boar problem is likely to affect them. At the same time, the “left” secular respondents who receive higher salaries did not express a desire to pay more taxes, since this problem does not affect this part of the population so much.

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