Haifa man files 500,000-dollar lawsuit against City Hall over wild boar attack

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 A resident of Haifa filed a half-million lawsuit against the mayor's office due to a wild boar attack

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Another wild boar victim filed a lawsuit against Haifa city hall. A resident of the city filed a claim in the amount of 517 thousand shekels in compensation for material and physical losses as a result of a wild boar attack.

This happened in October 2021. The man went out for a walk with his dog and, to his misfortune, came across a large wild boar, which knocked the man to the sidewalk. As a result, the man received broken legs and arms.

According to the victim, it broke his whole life – now a person does not get out of hospitals and has become an invalid. According to the local newspaper “Kolbo”, he underwent severe operations on the injured patella. He has been unable to work for 14 months and suffers from constant pain. In “Bituah leumi” he was recognized as disabled by 38 percent.

The lawsuit filed with the Haifa Magistrate's Court says that during this time the plaintiff lost 300,000 shekels due to incapacity for work and, along with other expenses, he demands from the mayor's office to pay him more than 500 thousand.

Previously, several citizens filed similar lawsuits against the mayor's office, which does not take effective measures against the capture of the city by wild boars. There, it was about both attacks and accidents that occurred due to a collision with wild boars on the road.

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