Haifa: indicted for high-profile bank robbery attempt

Haifa: indicted for a sensational bank robbery attempt

The Haifa District Attorney's Office has filed charges against 69-year-old Moshe Shoval, suspected of a sensational bank robbery attempt, which, at his request, was staged by an employee with a shahid's belt.
< br /> This is reported by Ynet.

The man is charged with kidnapping, extortion, attempted robbery, assault, blackmail, sexual crimes and much more.

According to the indictment, Shoval introduced himself to a bank employee as a security guard who was investigating a robbery two weeks earlier. The woman got into his car, not suspecting that he would blindfold her and kidnap her.

When they arrived at the parking lot, the man threatened his victim that if she didn’t help him rob the bank , he will post her intimate photos taken in the car. When the woman arrived at the police station, the manager detained her and called the police. The “shahid's belt” she had prudently put on her turned out to be a fake.

The incident with the failed bank robbery took place on September 2. Shoval was arrested on the same day.

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