Haggi Waggi is the favorite monster of all children

Huggy Waggy & ndash; all children's favorite monster

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Huggy Waggy is a plush toy with thick blue fur and two bulging black eyes. It can hardly be called cute, but nevertheless it is very popular with children.

Huggy Waggi soft toy & ndash; the prototype of the villain from the video game Poppy Playtime. This owner of sharp teeth is friends with the pink monster Kissy Missy. According to the plot of the game, they live together in an abandoned toy factory, where specific models are produced. They are designed to relieve loneliness and hug their owners.

The main task of this character is to hug his victims to death, and then eat them. As a rule, adults rarely hear about such a character, but many children were imbued with warm feelings for this creature.

Haggi Waggi & ndash; a toy that will captivate your child

The aesthetics of killer toys became popular in the 1980s when films starring dolls were premiered. Memories of Chucky alone still excite the imagination of many. Modern horror dolls do not look so scary, and their design has become more playful. Huggy is somewhat reminiscent of the heroes of the famous Sesame Street. Soft plush material, versatile design and colors make the toy attractive for boys and girls.

Such a gift will also appeal to kids who do not know about the nuances of the game. After all, Haggi Waggi has an atypical appearance, and creative products always appeal to children who tend to think outside the box. But fans of the game will especially appreciate it. You can sleep with a plush soft toy, you can take it on the road, and adults often place Huggie in the car or on the desktop in the office.

Modern manufacturers release Huggy Waggy in several variations, so you can find it in different stores both a small model measuring only 40 cm and a large soft monster. For fans of themed toys, it will be a great option for interior design.

Since Huggy was designed as a hug toy, he has Velcro straps on his hands that can be connected to feel the full power of the monster's affection. If you decide to purchase a set of this character and Kissy Missy, the toys can be connected with each other.

How to buy Huggy Waggy

The modern possibilities of the Internet help to become the owner of any thing that will be on your wish list before the holiday or without a special occasion. Since children talk about their dreams, it will not be difficult to prepare a surprise for them. The toy can be purchased through an online order in the online store. You do not have to stand in line, to be burdened by painful waiting. It is enough to find the required model, add it to the virtual basket and choose a convenient delivery method. The order can be paid online.

A special advantage of such purchases is the fact that you will always be informed about the availability of the necessary product and you will not have to travel around the city, visiting various stores in search of the right toy.

< p> If you cannot make a choice on your own or you still have questions regarding an online order, it is enough to contact a consultant via chat. He will help you navigate the assortment, describe the technical characteristics of the toy you like and advise you about making a purchase.

In the age of information technology, acquiring even a monster toy becomes entertainment. Take this opportunity to please yourself or your loved ones.

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