Hadash Party MP Calls Deportation of Terrorist “War Crime”

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 Khadash party MP calls deportation of terrorist

Deputy of the party "Hadash" Aida Tuma-Suleiman accused the outgoing Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked of committing a war crime in connection with her decision to deport terrorist Salah Hamuri.

Haruts Sheva reports.

“Minister Shaked probably says to himself every morning: I have only a few days left in office. What other crime can I commit before I leave? This is how you can describe what was done yesterday morning with Shaked's order to deport lawyer Salah Hamuri, a Palestinian from East Jerusalem after many months of administrative detention,” Tuma-Suleiman said.

The MP continued: ” Deporting Hamuri from his homeland is a war crime. His administrative arrest is also defined as a war crime, but Minister Shaked felt it was important to trample, attack and commit crimes before her ministerial term ends. Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked seems to think this is how she can silence and subdue the Palestinians.”

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