Hackers on behalf of the Elon musk fished tens of thousands of bitcoins

As you know, the social network Twitter has long been trying to develop a mechanism that will allow it to effectively counter the bots and scammers trying to capitalize on the name Elon musk.

Хакеры от имени Илона Маска выудили десятки тысяч биткоинов

So, we are talking about creating fake profiles-copies of the head of Tesla and Space X, by which scammers lure in unsuspecting users of cryptocurrency.

Here are just scammers while show themselves much smarter, and Twitter, trying desperately to fix the situation, only makes things worse – not so long ago, the social network accidentally blocked a real account Elon musk, and even earlier – blocked users for the mere mention of the name Elon musk tweets. And now the social network again make a blunder in terms of security and user protection.

According to the source, unidentified hackers broke into several accounts belonging to well-known companies and has the status verified (blue mark indicating the authenticity of the account). As events develop, you probably already guessed.

Having obtained control over the accounts, they disguised them under the real page, Elon musk and went hunting. The scammers involved have the usual scheme – announced rally on the distribution of bitcoins, for participation in which required transfer to the special account a small amount in bitcoin. It turned out that the scheme still works. On gullible users, cyber criminals managed to earn a lot of money. On one of the wallets used by the attackers, at the time of opening the Scam was about 28 BTC ($180 million).


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