Hackers demand ransom for data stolen from Israeli travel agencies

Hackers demand a ransom for data stolen from Israeli travel agencies

A group of hackers called Sharp Boys stole the personal data of about three million users from Israeli travel companies.

The corresponding statement was published on social networks. < br />
Sharp Boys said they got 500 gigabytes of data as a result of hacking sites Lametayel.co.il and Ttiuli.com.

In particular, they stole information that included usernames , email addresses, phone numbers, passwords and other data. They also demanded a ransom of $ 300,000. Lametayel blocked access to the website after detecting “suspicious activity”. The break-in information is verified. On Sunday morning, both of the above sites were unavailable to users.

According to cybersecurity expert May Brooks-Kempler, the actions of Sharp Boys are reminiscent of the methods of the Iranian-linked Black Shadow hacker group.

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