Gynecologists recommend that women walking without panties

Long wearing underpants contributes to the development of fungal infections.

Гінекологи рекомендують жінкам ходити без трусів

Experienced gynecologist from the United States explained why women often need to go without pants, reports Rus.Media. It has nothing to do with sexual life.

Every woman ever refused for a time wearing panties at least in order to avoid unpleasant stripes on the skin. Sometimes the reason was simply the lack of clean underwear. But if you believe an experienced gynecologist from new Jersey, Dr. Clover Moore, the refusal to wear panties should become a habit for many of the fair sex. And it’s not trying to make sexual life more bright and to deliver an unforgettable experience to your partner, though that is no bad thing. Just intimate area of the female body requires a flow of air to the same extent as other areas.

If women wear panties 24 hours a day, it leads to the accumulation of sweat and fever in the genital area, which significantly increases the risk of fungi and other nasty infections. Much depends on the material from which made women’s panties. It also affects the risk of infection.

“The habit of sleeping without panties can be very helpful for women who suffer from vaginitis which is an inflammation of the vagina, as well as for those who are faced with common fungal infections that manifest in a rash, says Dr. Moore. – Fungi thrive in warm, wet and mostly closed clothes areas of the body, so avoid prolonged wearing Altagracia underwear or tight stockings to prevent infection.”

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