Gynecologist's case: “These are complaints due to misunderstanding of the process”

Gynecologist's case: & ldquo; These are complaints due to misunderstanding of the process & rdquo;

After yesterday's publication of the complaints of four women against the actions of the gynecologist during the examination, the police and the Ministry of Health finally got involved, and the Ynet studio received a complaint from the fifth woman.

In addition, in the evening, the name of the doctor was allowed to be published – it is Professor Menachem Alkalai, who works in Sheba Hospital.

next answer : “This is a veteran and respected gynecologist who has treated thousands of patients with dedication and professionalism. The work of a gynecologist is delicate and intimate, and for this reason more complaints are received against the practitioner than in any other field of medicine. The doctor never committed indecent acts with his patients. It is important to understand that complaints in this area are usually empty complaints or arise from a misunderstanding of the subject, and not from the wrong actions of the attending physician. Most of the complaints mentioned here have already been investigated and postponed, and, most likely, this will be the fate of the last complaint. ”

But the Israeli police have other data: “ The Israeli police have launched an investigation into the complaints filed, currently the investigation is still being conducted under the direction of the State Attorney's Office. Naturally, we do not elaborate on the details of the ongoing investigation, but we will continue it to come to the truth. ”

Ministry of Health responded :“ The cases were brought to the attention of the Ministry of Health. When the complaint considered in criminal proceedings, we are prohibited from acting. The Ministry of Health approached the State Attorney's Office about the possibility of initiating disciplinary proceedings at the Ministry of Health. ”

Sheba Hospital replied: reviewed and submitted to the Civil Service Commission. We are acting in accordance with their guidelines. ” We were unable to process the required inquiries and provide a proper response. ”

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