Gwyneth Paltrow confesses her love to her ex-husband

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 Gwyneth Paltrow confessed her love to her ex-husband

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Gwyneth Paltrow shared a very rare photo with her ex-husband on social media on Thursday. And she confessed her love to him, writes the Daily Mail.

The picture shows the actress posing with Chris Martin in the parking lot.

The 50-year-old Oscar-winning star congratulated her ex-husband, with whom she broke up in 2014, happy 46th birthday.

“Happy birthday, dearest father and friend, we love you”, — she wrote.

The stars also have two children together: 18-year-old Apple and 16-year-old Moses.

After the breakup, Paltrow and Martin became close friends and even vacation together with with their new partners. The actress is married to Brad Falchuk, and the singer is in a relationship with Dakota Johnson.

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