Gvahim Introduces New Career Programs for Immigrants

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 Gvahim Introduces New Career Programs for Immigrants

The non-profit organization Gvahim is launching new subsidized programs to adapt to the Israeli labor market for new Russian-speaking immigrants with higher education. Programs help repatriates to get used to the country, provide professional and social support, and help to get acquainted with the peculiarities of the Israeli labor market. Participants of the programs receive personal support from a career consultant and mentor from their professional field. Gvahim cooperates with more than 800 leading companies in the Israeli market, which open their doors to Gvahim graduates.
Gvahim was founded 16 years ago by the Rashi Foundation. on the wave of repatriation from France and initially aimed to help French doctors to confirm diplomas and find employment.

The assistance programs have been so successful that the organization's activities have spread to repatriates of all professions from all over the world. Among the graduates of Gvahim are repatriates from 60 countries.

Most Gvahim programs are in English. With the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine and the arrival of a large number of Russian-speaking repatriates in Israel, it was decided to open special subsidized programs in Russian.
The main idea of ​​Gwahim is to help repatriates make the most of their knowledge and experience to integrate into the Israeli labor market. And for this you need: • understand how the market works and what professions are in demand • “repackage” your professional experience in accordance with the needs of the market • join the professional community • how to write a resume and present yourself at the interview These are the important adaptation tools that are taught at Gvahim. In addition to lectures and master classes, business English courses and individual consultations with an HR specialist and mentor, Gvahim provides its graduates with access to unique professional networking. It is the integrated approach of Gvahim that provides repatriates with comfortable integration and successful employment. Gwahim also offers a business English course to repatriates. Given the fact that today's repatriates more often have a base in English, it is easier for them to learn it and start working even before they have mastered Hebrew.
The Gwahim organization is not only professional integration programs, but also a community that supports repatriates: more than 700 volunteers, mentors (many of whom have been trained in the past and are returning to help others), large companies interested in quality trained personnel.
91% of participants in various Gwahim programs got the job they dreamed of.< br /> The non-profit organization Gwahim lives on funds from various sources, including government organizations, private foundations and businesses. Some of the programs are completely free for participants, some are subsidized to a greater extent.
Gvahim is a real, effective, thoughtful assistance to new repatriates, the first step of a professional path in Israel.
Website: https://gvahim.org.il/ru/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gvahimporusski/WhatsApp: 055-9993503

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