Guzeeva, who fell ill with CoViD-19, is saved by an oxygen mask

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Guzeeva, who fell ill with CoViD-19, is saved by an oxygen mask

The star of the movie “Cruel Romance” picked up CoViD-19. Larisa threw all her strength to fight this insidious infection.

Larisa Guzeeva. Photo:

At 62 Larisa Guzeeva was among those celebrities who could not avoid a “collision” with the ill-fated “covid”. Now the actress from the movie “Cruel Romance” is in the hospital under the constant supervision of experienced specialist doctors. Rumor has it that the host of the Let’s Get Married program on Channel One has problems with breathing and kidney function.

Loyal admirers of the artist hope that their favorite will recover in the very near future and return to the studio of the show “Let’s Get Married.” Many are seriously concerned about the state of health of the TV personality. Guzeeva herself prefers to remain silent. Meanwhile, journalists are trying to get at least some comment on Larisa’s health. Reporters literally attacked the actress’s family, relatives and friends with calls and messages.

As a result, the host of the Let’s Get Married program personally asked fans and journalists to leave her loved ones alone. At the same time, she thanked everyone for the warm words of support and wishes for a speedy recovery. True, alarming news about Larisa Guzeeva’s well-being still appears in the media.

“Her condition is getting worse every day. She is in an oxygen mask. Naturally, she still has the coronavirus. Both lungs are affected by 7 percent. This is not enough, but the figure is growing every day, ”they said. “Komsomolskaya Pravda” surrounded by an actress.

Attention! If there are signs of any ailment, we recommend that you immediately consult a doctor!

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