Guzeeva stopped posting on Instagram

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Guzeeva stopped posting on Instagram

The star, according to rumors, is now in serious condition in Kommunarka.

Larisa Guzeeva. Photo:

Actress and TV presenter Larisa Guzeeva disappeared from social networks and turned off all comments. The last post of the host of the Let’s Get Married! on Instagram is dated September 26th. Just on that day, the star ended up in a clinic in Kommunarka. After that, no news came from her.

The last posts of the star are dedicated to her vacation in the Crimea at sea. Moreover, she swam in ice water and did not hide it.

“I swim between procedures. One. I believe that ice water burns fat. The fishermen are wrapped in quilted jackets in horror. I hug and support all those who are losing weight ”.

Larisa Guzeeva

Recall that Larisa Guzeeva picked up coronavirus. At the same time, CT does not yet show her defeat lungs… The data on the state of the star are still extremely contradictory.

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