Guzeeva spoke about the strange consequences of the postponed COVID

Guzeeva spoke about the strange consequences of the transferred COVID

Russian actress and TV presenter Larisa Guzeeva complained of strange symptoms after suffering a coronavirus.

According to her, she sometimes experiences unmotivated aggression towards others.

& quot; After Kovid, my cuckoo really drove off. I keep myself at work, I just have unmotivated aggression [arises]. Out of the blue it covers me up & quot ;, & mdash; said Guzeeva.

The TV presenter is also sure that the attacks of aggression are caused precisely by the consequences of the infection.

“I’m not to blame. It's an infection & quot ;, & mdash; added Guzeeva.

She also added that she suffers from memory problems.

“I start to speak and forget the words”, & mdash; the star complained.

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