Guinness record: babies born 126 days premature in Canada

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 Guinness record: babies born 126 days premature in Canada < /p>

Brother and sister Adiya and Adrial Rajendrum were born at 126 days of age, beating the previous record set in 2018 by one day, according to the BBC. The certificate was previously held by Cambry and Keely Ewoldt of Iowa . Evoldty – identical twins who were born 125 days premature.

Adia and Adrial's mother, Shakina Rajendram, went into early labor at just 21 weeks and 6 days pregnant, her second attempt to have offspring after a miscarriage . The doctors told Rajendram that her children were “not viable with zero chance of survival”, but the parents did not lose hope. The couple moved to Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, where there is a specialized neonatal intensive care unit.

In Toronto, doctors told Shakina Rajendrum that if the babies were born before 22 weeks, they could not be helped, and this forced the mother to try her best &ldquo ;keep babies” ignoring heavy bleeding when she went into labor.

Eventually, her waters broke 15 minutes after midnight, by which time the babies had already been in the womb for two hours more than 22 weeks.

Having overcome vital health issues, Adia and Adrial are now beautiful yearlings.

“We have seen babies almost die many times before our eyes”,– say the parents, adding that the babies are still under close medical supervision and “feel great.”

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