Guard: “Ben-Guir threatened me with a gun”

Guard: & ldquo; Ben-Gwir threatened me with a gun & rdquo>;” /> </p>
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<p> Muhammad Issa, a 21-year-old parking guard in Tel Aviv who confronted the head of Otzma Yehudit, has been involved in serious riots in the past and has even been imprisoned. After Ben Guer filed a police complaint against him, Issa took a similar step. His criminal record raises questions about how he was hired into the security service. </p>
<p> Issa himself claims that no charges have ever been brought against him. </p>
<p> However, Ben-Guer is on Twitter immediately posted a testimony of the young man getting out of prison. <center> </p>
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יצא המרצע מן השק! תראו במי מדובר: "המאבטח" שאיים לרצוח אותי הוא מחבל משוחרר! המחדל הביטחוני הזה חייב להיבדק. איך נותנים לאדם כזה לאבטח באירועים ציבוריים?

— איתמר בן גביר (@itamarbengvir) December 23, 2021

Anyway, an incident when a Knesset member pulled out a gun for self-defense, did not go unnoticed. The police have started to investigate the incident.

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