Growth of the world's tallest nation is declining – research

Growth of the tallest nation in the world is declining - research

The Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics has once again confirmed that the Dutch are the tallest people on the planet. But the department noted that the average growth of the nation is gradually declining, as the study showed. This is reported by The Guardian.

The Dutch have remained the tallest people on the planet for the past 60 years. According to data for 2020, the average height of a Dutch man is 182 centimeters and a woman is 169 centimeters.

But a survey of 719,000 people showed that Dutch men born in 2001 are on average 1 cm lower. than the generation born in 1980. The poll also showed an average decrease in height for women of almost 1.5 centimeters.

The Central Bureau of Statistics noted that the trend is partly due to the increase in immigration to the Netherlands of groups of the population with low growth. But, according to officials, this cannot explain the whole situation, because the decline in growth is also observed in indigenous Dutch families.

Some researchers believe that the economic crisis could have led to a decrease in the average height of the Dutch: children grew more poor conditions, which affected their development. Scientists also suspect that fast food may be to blame, as a similar trend has been identified in the United States.

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