Group fight in the port of Tel Aviv

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 Group fight in Tel Aviv port

Israeli media publishes a video of a group fight outside a pastry shop in the port of Tel Aviv.

According to the director of the establishment, it all started when a client contacted a pastry shop messenger with the words: “Don't be an Arab maniac, here is Israel”. Her friend started yelling “Israel is here, not Palestine!”

The director tried to calm him down and offered him some water. At that moment, the young man's friend suddenly attacked the director with “an object that looked like a homemade pistol”.

After that, a group fight broke out, people hitting each other with chairs. One of the employees of the candy store received a “homemade pistol” on the head and was evacuated to the hospital. The instigators fled the scene before the police arrived. A few blocks from the port, people who aroused police suspicions of being involved in a fight were detained. They were called in for questioning.

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