Groisman announced when the new electricity market

Гройсман сообщил, когда заработает новый рынок электроэнергии

Groisman said that the price of electricity for the population will not increase.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groisman stated that the national Commission has prepared a regulatory framework that is necessary to start from 1 July a new model of the electricity market.

“On Wednesday we will take another 2-3 question and the whole legal framework will be adopted, and I think that the introduction will in time,” he said in an interview on 31 may, reports the online edition of the with reference to

Groisman said that the price for population will not increase: “For me it is important in this market, that should not increase the price to the public. The law gives us the ability to limit the price, and we’ll do it. Second, we should not rise the price for the industry… today we have to make a decision for the government and the regulator to limit the price and for the industry”.

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The Prime Minister stressed that the price for the industry may fluctuate slightly, but “in any case, no serious increases can’t be”.

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