Gritte Agatha Story Lost Many Jobs Due to Prilly Latuconsina’s Problem

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Gritte Agatha Story Lost Many Jobs Due to Prilly Latuconsina’s Problem


To be in his current position, Gritte Agatha not take it easy. In fact, he had encountered a steep road until there were no job calls from the television station at all.

That moment happened in 2016. Gritte Agatha showed a video of her conversation with Prilly Latuconsina who happened to say inappropriate words for Aliando Syarief’s family.

Then the problem came. Gritte Agatha immediately deserted job offers, thus draining her finances.

However Gritte Agatha admits that he is always grateful for the way. He was sure that one day he would rise again.

“It’s not that rich, really zero. On Instagram there are still some endorsements too. I’ve never been worried to be honest because I believe everything has been arranged,” said Gritte Agatha on Trans TV’s Rumpi No Secret program.

Gritte Agatha then corrected herself. In addition, he tries to develop his potential. Until finally he was sure that there would be sustenance that came even though job offers from television stopped.

“So at that time, it made me introspect, but I’m sure my sustenance wasn’t just there. At that time, my sustenance was small, yes, it was all from God,” said Gritte Agatha.

“Not because of this because of that but because of His will, but I always try what is important to be able to eat,” he continued.

Gritte Agatha then focus more on developing his own content on YouTube and Instagram. Now, from YouTube, he even has a fairly large income.

Then he uses the income to meet needs that he has not been able to realize so far.

“Two years on YouTube, I have been able to buy daily necessities, such as cars, land in the BSD area of ​​200m, I want to build myself according to what I want,” said Gritte Agatha.



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