Grigory Leps sent Maxim Galkin

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 Grigory Leps sent Maxim Galkin

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Grigory Leps came to Stavropol with a concert and suddenly, during a conversation with the audience, he began to talk about Maxim Galkin. The performer remembered his hit “Natalie” and gave several interpretations. Seeing the positive reaction of the public, the artist said that he could cheer up the fans no worse than Maxim Galkin.

“Natalie, quench my sorrows and bring me down”, “Chop my nuts with your teeth”. I especially like – “Natalie, I bought land for you at the cemetery”. Galkin can go to … go”, – Leps blurted out. The stars were arguing about calling. When Maxim came to the program and spoke behind the backs of the judges, Grigory Viktorovich did not turn to him on principle.

“You understand, young man, that music – is this not yours?” – the singer commented.

The comedian immediately found an answer to his colleague's statement.

“When you tell jokes, I'm not saying that humor – not yours. I endure”,– retorted the presenter.

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