Grigoriev-Appolonov told how Sorin left Ivanushki with a scandal

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Grigoriev-Appolonov told how Sorin left Ivanushki with a scandal

The musician lasted only two years in the group.

Soloist of the group “Ivanushki” Grigoriev-Appolonov. Photo: Instagram

Soloist of the group “Ivanushki” Grigoriev-Appolonov told in interview Svetlana Bondarchuk about the difficult relationship with her former colleague Igor Sorin. The musician sang in the group for only two years, and then decided to loudly slam the door.

“He called himself God and said that our“ shnyaga ”would not sing,” recalls “Red”.

After that, they began to urgently look for the band’s lead singer. Igor left one day and did not give them the opportunity to find a replacement.

“Fans started sending us cassettes from all over the country. And the group’s lawyer once pulled out a record of Oleg Yakovlev. And everyone was stuck. Matvienko then said: “This is the second Sorin,” says Andrey.

And Igor Sorin, according to Appolonov, ended up in a bad company of people who “sat” on illegal drugs.

Recall Igor Sorin passed away at the age of 28 – fell out of the window of the apartment, where he and the musicians worked on the recording of a solo album. His heart stopped already in the hospital three days after being hospitalized.

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