Griffin ghost ship found sunken 343 years ago

Griffin ghost ship that sank 343 years ago was found

The wreck of the Griffin ship, which disappeared almost 350 years ago on Lake Michigan, was identified in the United States and was built by French explorer Rene-Robert Cavalier de La Salem to find routes to Asia … & ldquo; Griffin & rdquo; disappeared in 1679 during the delivery of valuable furs. Its disappearance was one of the biggest & ldquo; marine & rdquo; the mysteries of America.

Two treasure hunters Stevie and Katie Liebert were able to solve it. They found out that the wreckage found earlier in Lake Michigan, among which the bowsprit, belonged to the “ Griffin ''.

There were many legends about the reasons for the loss of the ship. According to one of them, the Indians could have captured and burned it. and the crew members – to destroy. According to another version, & rdquo; Griffin & rdquo; cursed the prophet of the Iroquois. There were also those who called the ship a “ ghost ship ''. At the same time, the builder of the ship himself, de La Salle, assumed that the sailors from the & ldquo; Griffin & rdquo; could steal the cargo themselves, and then sink it to cover their tracks, writes Usamaspeaks.

Authors of the solution to the mystery of the “ Griffin '' said that the most likely cause of the death of the ship was a protracted storm. An indirect confirmation of this theory is the fact that the bowsprit and other parts of the & ldquo; Griffin & rdquo; were found at a considerable distance, several kilometers, from each other. At the same time, the wreckage was not burned, which refutes the hypothesis of the seizure of the ship.

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