Grenade launcher exploded: mobilized father of many children died

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 A grenade launcher exploded: a mobilized father of many children died

Summons came to 26-year-old Ivan Polyansky three times. However, when he came to the recruiting office, at first he was told not to rush – in the first days after the announcement of mobilization, there was simply not enough space for Polyansky. He got into the army only after the third summons.

Relatives dissuaded Polyansky from serving – After all, he had three children. The draft office also reminded Ivan that he has the right to a deferment. A man who served as a grenade launcher in the Caucasus in 2015-2016 even quarreled with his wife, but, in the end, he decided to go to the service.

On October 16, Polyansky, along with other mobilized people, went to the training center located in the village of Nizhnyaya Pavlovka. The next day, Ivan called his wife with complaints about army food and the general mess. And four days later, during the exercises, an emergency happened: a grenade launcher exploded next to Ivan. Polyansky was urgently hospitalized, but could not be saved – The mobilized man died from his wounds.

According to his wife, the grenade launcher could have exploded due to the use of old ammunition. This batch was removed and sent for examination, an inspection was also scheduled at the training ground. Ivan has three sons, the youngest of them is three years old.

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