Greenblatt: “The main provocateur is Hamas”

 Greenblatt: "The main provocateur is Hamas"

Former U.S. Special Envoy to the Middle East Jason Greenblatt commented on a U.S. embassy post in Jordan that reported a meeting between State Department officials and the Jordanian prime minister.

The post said the meeting was held to “discuss the importance of reducing tensions in Jerusalem as well as maintaining the historic status quo in Jerusalem's holy sites.”

Greenblatt urged the parties to stop the “diplomatic ballet and face reality.” ;.

“Although I believe that these meetings between Yael Lempert and Hadi Amra are not unfounded, the main provocateur here is Hamas. So there's not much they can do because no one has the solutions to deal with Hamas and the fires they keep starting,” Greenblatt said.

“Let's keep that in mind. I hope that no one from the US government puts pressure on Israel to prevent Israel from doing everything possible to ensure the safety of the people. Israel has always tried its best to protect the holy places for the benefit of all,” the diplomat said.

Jonathan Greenblatt emphasized: “Yes, and by the way, to mention the “historical status quo” – waste of time. Each stakeholder interprets these things in their own way. Let's stop this diplomatic ballet and face reality.”

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