“Green Standard” is a passed stage “

Professor Galiya Rahav, head of the infectious diseases department at Sheba Hospital, gave an interview to Ynet, in which she stated that the “ green standard '' has lost its meaning.

“What is the meaning of the green standard when we know that about 80%, if not more of those who have been infected, are vaccinated? Of course, the vaccine is of great importance, it prevents a severe course of the disease, but people who received a booster vaccine only three months ago become infected. What, then, is the meaning of the Green Standard? & quot; Green standard & quot; – this is a passed stage, '' Galiya Rakhav emphasized.

In addition, the professor said that antigen tests are not entirely reliable when it comes to the Omicron strain.

'' We know that in many cases the antigen test is negative and the next PCR test is positive. This test is a great tool when not Omicron. Therefore, I would recommend first passing the PCR test, and then the antigen test, ”the doctor noted.

Also, according to Galiya Rahav, the Omicron strain has already become dominant in Israel.

“In my opinion, Omicron has already become the dominant strain, but there is no documentary evidence for this. And this information is of critical importance, because the treatment of those infected with Delta and those infected with Omicron is different, '' the professor said.

At the same time, in an interview with the 12th Israeli TV channel, Galiya Rahav answered WHO, experts criticized by countries for revaccination.

“We are always ahead of the pack. It has always been like this. We learned a lot about the third vaccine before anyone else. And we saw an amazing effect,” she said. >

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