Greece to expand fence on border with Turkey due to incident with illegal immigrants

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 Greece will expand the fence on the border with Turkey due to the incident with illegal immigrants

The Greek Government National Security Council (KYSEA), led by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, decided on Tuesday to increase the length of the fence on the border with Turkey, which runs along the Evros River, by 80 kilometers .

The reason for this step, the Greek authorities called the “new strategy of Turkey” along land borders, which led to an increase in the flow of illegal migrants from Turkish territory to Greece.

In particular, Ankara was accused of “staged” episode on August 15, when Greek police found 35 Syrians and three Palestinians hiding in Greek territory after crossing the river from Turkey.

To counter this, it was decided to gradually extend the fence along the entire Evros River. The expansion will be carried out with national resources, at the same time, Greece has submitted an application to the European Commission and hopes to receive EU funding.

In 2021, Greece completed the construction of a 40 km long border fence with Turkey along the Evros River to prevent Refugees are trying to reach Europe after the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan.

Despite this, in recent months, thousands of people have tried to cross the Evros, taking advantage of low water levels in the summer. The UN refugee agency reported 3,225 registered refugees crossing the Greek land border via Evros this year.

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